Reindeer HEAD Instruction Sheet File


With this detailed photo-tutorial, you can make this 40 by 40 cm Reindeer Head ! The step-by-step instructions and photos make it easy to make one from the comfort of your home (using cotton fabric that you might have lying around!).  It is emailed to you as a downloadable file.
The reindeer below is made with paper napkins instead of fabric, in the tutorial will be a short explanation on How-To.


The supplies you will need to make 1 Reindeer Head

Paverpol Transparent 500 gram + paper mache cone 26.5 cm
Wires to make antlers, cotton fabric, skewer, stir sticks, brushes, a roll of aluminum foil, masking tape, pliers, few empty yogurt containers, spoon.
The Photo- instruction sheet is included when you buy the Reindeer Head Kit.


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