Beginners Project – Video Workshop


Video workshop teaching YOU how to create this beautiful sculpture!
You will learn step-by-step how to create this sculpture. Success is guaranteed! If you want her to in your garden… she can, year-round. Snow, rain, and sun won’t bother her. Great video workshop for those who want to learn it all! 


Video Tutorial is 48 minutes long.
The link to the video will be sent to you by email within 24 hours of your order and you will always have access to the video.
To be able to see the video you need a Gmail or Google account. It is easy to set one up!  
Together with the video, you will receive the list of supplies needed (all things you have at home) except for the Paverpol and (maybe) the wire frame and Stockinette.

There is a VIDEO & KIT combi available as well!
Buy the Kit (to make 2) and get the video for FREE! S 85.00 (click to see the offer)
Buy the Kit (to make 1) and get the video for FREE! $ 60.00 (click to see the offer)

Do you want to order just basic supplies for this sculpture? 
Paverpol Grey 500 gram ( 1 sculpt.) or 1000 gram (2 sculpt.) 
Wire  Frame Large  or make one yourself see ‘videos’ on this website
Stockinette (or use cheesecloth although that doesn’t stretch and drape as nice)



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