Raven – Video Workshop


The video shows the step-by-step creation of the Raven from scratch. You learn how to work with Paverpol, Paverplast, and dip fabric in Paverpol. It is suitable for beginners. The Raven is approximately 30 cm tall 12″ and is (if you wish) an outdoor sculpture. Paverpol protects it from the elements. 
The video is approximately 1 hour and explains ALL the steps to make a similar sculpture as shown in the picture. 


Video Tutorial is 56 min long.
The actual making of the Raven will take you approximately 5 to 6 hours.
The link to the video will be sent to you by email within 24 hours of your order. Together with the video comes a PDF file with various templates.
To be able to see the video you need a Gmail or Google account. It is easy to set one up! You will get instructions to set up the account when you buy the video (or go online). 

Not included: the supplies to make the Raven

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