Reindeer Instruction Sheet File


With this detailed photo-tutorial, you can make this 60 cm tall Reindeer! The step-by-step instructions and photos make it easy to make one from the comfort of your home! It is emailed to you as a downloadable file with links included to the How-To videos.


The supplies you will need to make the Reindeer:

Paverpol Transparent 400 gram or Bronze or Black or Grey Paverpol
Paverplast 50  grams
Paversand White
1 Pavercolor White, only needed when making the White Reindeer
1 Metal base
1 Styrofoam egg
Wires to make the body and antlers
2 Skewers, 2 stir sticks, brushes, a roll of aluminum foil, masking tape, pliers, few empty yogurt containers, an old knife or spatula, a plastic table cloth, old spoon.
The Photo- instruction sheet is included when you buy the Reindeer Kit.

In November 2020 (3 & 6) there will be a Live Facebook demonstration on how to make the Reindeer as well. This is a bonus to the already very detailed Instruction sheet that is included with this Kit.


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