Texturing with Wrappers Sculpture – Video Workshops


FOUR videos!
Four video workshops bundled together to show you how to create this beautiful sculpture!
In the workshops you learn,
1) how to make a Wire Frame Large, how to foil a sculpture and tape it,
2) how to mix with Paverpol and Paverplast and how to apply it,
3) creating the stunning textured dress with Wrappers and Paverpol and
4) how to paint/dry brush your sculpture!
Great video workshops for those who want to learn it all! 

The videos explain ALL the steps to get this look. 


Video Tutorials are 80 minutes long in total.
The link to the videos will be sent to you by email within 24 hours of your order and you will always have access to the video.
To be able to see the video you need a Gmail or Google account. It is easy to set one up!  

If you JUST want to learn how to create the texture of the dress, then only buy the video workshop Texture with Wrappers Technique.  


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