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Paverpol Workshops are the easiest way to experience to create unique Sculptures and objects with a simple t-shirt or other natural materials. Workshops areopen to everyone, you don’t need to be an artist or a creative person to make the examples shown on this website. Annet Holierhoek is your instructor in the workshops and she has the patience and talent for bringing out the best in you. Rather than not knowing….try it and join a workshop! Should the Orange Wire Art studio be too far out to you then especially check out the ‘Teachers’ page, there are more Certified Paverpol Instructors in British Columbia to take workshops from. To find one in your area; please click here. Or call to explore the possibilities… everything tailor-made. Prices include GST.

workshops / courses       

Sip and Sculpt


Fun and easy 2 hour class making Paverpol necklaces! Bring your favourite drink and sip on it while we make 2 beautiful pieces of art! In your choice of color.
In this class you are working with Paverpol and Paverplast and you will find out what else is possible other than making necklaces! Students works click here

July   23(Mon)  6:30 pm to approx. 9 pm

• Price: $ 30.00 (GST included)
All supplies included (except for drinks). Bring your favourite drink.

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Great class to learn new Paverpol techniques, making a smooth surface with Paverpol and  Paverplast but also making textured surfaces with additional Art Stone.  You can make the Owl  hanging on a wall with or without driftwood or standing (on a piece of driftwood). The Owl pictured has been made in a ‘hollow’ piece of driftwood which was a lucky find and that shape driftwood is not available. There are other pieces of driftwood for you or bring your own!
It is 30 cm tall (12”). Look up close…

Aug   13 (Mon) 9 am to approx. 3:30 pm (combined class)
• Price: $ 125.00 (GST included)
• Bring a (half)  roll of aluminium foil, piece of driftwood, old metal buttons or decorations. 

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Victoria (At Coast Collective Art Gallery in Colwood) 
August 22 (Wed) 9:30  am to approx. 4:00 pm
This class needs to be booked through the Coast Collective Art Gallery, please click here to make your reservation. 



Fun and easy to make this cute owl!
In this class you are working with Paverpol, Paverplast and Art Stone. You can make the Owl as shown in the picture or give your own twist to it. It is 28 cm tall (11”). 

Aug   13 (Mon) 9 am to approx. 3:30 pm (combined class)
• Price: $ 75.00 (GST included)
• Bring a (half)  roll of aluminium foil.

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Succulent Cat 

Work with chicken wire and Paverpol/Paverplast to create this neat succulent sculpture! The head and tail is made with Paverpol, the area in between is open (chicken wire). 
The sculpture is approx. 35 cm tall. The sculpture will be finished and the body part wrapped in moss. Not included succulents and soil. The cat can be filled with soil and plants after 2 weeks of curing. 

July     12  (Thu) 9 am – 3:00 pm(combined class)
August 9   (Thu) 
9 am – 3:00 pm
Sept    13   (Thu) 10 am – 4:00 pm
• Price: $ 115.00 (GST included)
Bring a roll of aluminium foil, and your lunch.
The moss is included (if available in stores) and some sphagnum (to mix into the soil later).
The succulents and soil is not included.

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 Mother and Child

The Mother and Child wall hanging are made on a Styrofoam board and wrapped in t-shirts.
You can make them in any desired colour.
There is also the option to make them on an old wooden plank.
size 54 cm x 24 cm (21″x9″)

August 9 from 9 am to approx. 2:30 pm
• Price: $ 125.00 (GST included)
Bring an old cotton t-shirt and your lunch.

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pixie 7


To make Pixie, you won’t use old t-shirts, instead she is made with a paste (for the body) and Paverpol clay for the dress. Very cute to make a few and have them sit on posts cut to various heights. Or, make a White Pixie… no clay is used in this one, just texture created with a Paverpol paste.

The sculptures are approx. 30 cm tall.  
After you have taken this workshop you can come back to make more in a Drop-In class!

July   12  (Thu)  9:00 am – 3:30 pm
Aug   13  (Mon)  9:00 am – 3:30 pm (combined class)
Price: $ 115.00 (GST included)
Bring a roll of aluminium foil, and your lunch.

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Wall climber. These cute girls and boys hang-out outdoors or indoors! And …once you have made one and know how-to you can make many more! In this class you are working with Paverpol and  Paverplast and make 1 climber
22 cm tall (8.5”). 
There is the option to make a second and third one during a drop-in class (Chilliwack only) for $ 30.00.  To see drop-in-dates and description see below (scroll down). 
There is a kit available in the online store to make 3 climbers (including instructions) .

July   12  (Thu) 9:00 am – 1:30 pm
Aug   13  (Mon) 9:00 am – 1:30 pm (combined class)
• Price: $ 70.00 (GST included) 
• Bring a (half)  roll of aluminium foil.



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From T-Shirt to Garden Sculpture
Standing or Sitting sculptures

20151103_130013_resized (2)IMG_0830

A simple base and an old t-shirt is all it takes to create these fantastic sculptures. 
The girls in the photo are just an example, you can create your own Diva.
More info and prices: click here
Bring a roll of aluminium foil, an old t-shirt and your lunch. 

August 8 (wed) 9 am – approximately 4 pm
Price 115.00 small / 165.00 tall

Qualicum Bay
August 24 (fri) 9:30 am – approximately 4:30  pm
Price 125.00 small / 175.00 tall


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Small Birds

birds small 4


There is a variety of types of birds that you can choose from.
More information on the various options can be found … click here 

Aug  15 (Wed)    9:30 am –  3:00 pm

$ 75.00   for 1 Flying Bird or
$ 100.00 for 2 Long Legged Birds or
$ 100.00 for 3 post sitting (no legs) birds.



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Big Birds

big birdsChoose your favourite Big Bird; XL Brids (2), Heron (1) or the smaller Fantasy Bird (1) and book this one day class to make it. It is an intense day but suitable for beginners. 

June        16  (sat) am to approx. 4-5 pm FULL waiting list, please email to be on it info@orangewireart.ca. If enough interest might start a Sunday class June 17.
Aug          28 (tue) am to approx. 4-5 pm.
Price XL Birds: $ 180.00
Price Heron: $ 180.00 
Price Fantasy Bird: $ 135.00

Qualicum Bay 

Please note in Qualicum is offered only: Fantasy Bird $ 145.00 only
August 23 (Thu)       9:30 am – approximately 5:00 pm

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VictoriaAt Coast Collective Art Gallery in Colwood. 
August 21 9:30  am to approx. 5:00 pm
XL Birds (2) only. 
This class needs to be booked through the Coast Collective Art Gallery, please click here to make your reservation. 

If I made it…… You can make it too

if-i-made-itThis workshop has a less seats available than my other scheduled workshops. On this day you can make a project that is not in my ‘regular’ schedule of workshops. It might be an object that you have seen in my studio, or one that you have seen on this website under ‘gallery‘. Most objects in the gallery can be made during this workshop except a few exceptions. Use the Book Now button and write down what you want to make. I will reply to you with the costs of that particular workshop.

Chilliwack from 9 am – approx. 5:00 pm (depending on project)
Aug 8 (Wed) or 13 (Mon) 
Price; that depends on the project you want to make. Fill out the “Book Now’ form, let me know the sculpture you would like to make and I will get back to you with the details. 

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During a drop-in I will be available if you need help making the similar object that you made during a workshop you took with me. It is not meant to make projects from my other workshops which class you haven’t taken.  See this morning as an open studio, bring your own supplies; from brushes, Paverpol, plastic containers, foil, to skewers or, you buy them during the workshop. Drop in fee $ 10.00 pp.

Please call 604 701 7793 or email to reserve a seat info@orangewireart.ca
June         21 (fri)    morning  from 9 am – 12
Sept         20 (thu)   morning from  9 am – 12