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Orange Wire Art will host the workshops in the months January-March 2019 in a temporary rented location. In april 2019 the studio will open up in a new location in Chilliwack! Closer to April the new details will be given on this website.

The Paverpol Workshops in the new location are the same!! The easiest way to experience to create unique Sculptures and objects with a simple t-shirt or other natural materials. Workshops are open to everyone, you don’t need to be an artist or a creative person to make the examples shown on this website. Annet Holierhoek is your instructor in the workshops and she has the patience and talent for bringing out the best in you. Rather than not knowing….try it and join a workshop! Should the Orange Wire Art studio be too far out to you then especially check out the ‘Teachers’ page, there are more Certified Paverpol Instructors in British Columbia to take workshops from. To find one in your area; please click here. Or call to explore the possibilities… everything tailor-made. Prices include GST.

workshops / courses   

VANCOUVER classes……. July dates will be announced soon! 

If you have a request for specific class…. let me know which one info@orangewireart.ca


A short  class, getting a taste of what it is to sculpt a 50 cm tall work with Paverpol!
Perfect beginners class. Best news? It is soooo easy!

Apr   30 2019 (Tue)     9:30 am – approx. 1:00 pm
• Price: $ 100.00 gst included.


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Dog Wall Hook

Have to admit this is not my own original idea. I have seen this cute hanger around. You can make your own as I did. In this class you are working with Paverpol, Paverplast and Paversand. This dog was bronzed, you can make it in it your choice of color. And once you know how, you can make many more!
The dog is approx. 17 tall ( 7″).The wood 20 cm x 12 cm ( (8″ x 5″)

April 30 (Tue) 9
:30 pm – approx. 1:00 pm
May  23 (Thu) 6:00 pm – approx. 9:30 pm
Jun  28  (Fri)  9:30 pm – approx. 1:00 pm

• Price: $ 30.00 (GST included) 

All supplies included.

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Sitting Diva

She is a DIVA! With or without the shell-hat. Approximately 20 cm high. 

May  21 Tue 9:30 – approx. 3:30 pm
Jun  28  Fri  
9:30 – approx. 3:30 pm
• Price: $ 110.00 (GST included) 

North Vancouver Highlands Church 3255 Edgemont Blvd
July 6  Sat  9:30 – approx. 3:30 pm
•  Price: $ 115.00 (GST included) 

What to bring:
– A roll of aluminium foil and scissors.

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Granite Girl

Made in a new Paverpol technique… faux granite! She is approximately 50 cm tall (1.5′) . More photos click here

May  21 Tue 
9:30 – approx. 3:30 pm
Jun  28  Fri  9:30 – approx. 3:30 pm
• Price: $ 110.00 (GST included) 

North Vancouver
Highlands Church 3255 Edgemont Blvd
July 6 (Sat) 9:30 – approx. 3:30 pm
• Price: $ 115.00 (GST included) 

• Bring a roll of aluminium foil.

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Team Work XL Birds

On request!  Husband & Wife workshop,
together making the XL Birds! But why stop at Husband & Wife? That is how this became TEAM of TWO WORKSHOP.  Together you make a SET of XL birds each measuring over 3′.
INVITE your husband or your friend, mom, dad, son, daughter, colleague….. to make this a creative outing for you two. No experience needed. 
In the picture they are standing together on one base. In this workshop they will be made on two separate bases, this way you can turn them individually.

Apr   27  2019 (Sat)  
   9:30 am – approx. 2:00-2:30 pm
• Price: $ 190.00 For 2 people making 1 set of birds! GST included.
• Bring a roll of aluminium foil and an old t-shirt

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From T-Shirt to Garden Sculpture
Standing or Sitting sculptures


Create a sculpture using an old t-shirt! Sitting or standing you choose. 
The girls in the photo are just an example, you can create your own Diva.
If you are interested in making the Tall one (120 cm), this is suitable for people that have done one workshop before this one.
For more info click here

Apr   30 (Tue)   9:30 am – approx. 3:00 pm (or 4.30 for taller ones)
May  15 (Wed)  9:30 am – approx. 3:00 pm (or 4.30 for taller ones)

Price 125.00 (30 cm) / 175.00 tall (120 cm) gst incl
What to bring:
– Bring an old white cotton t-shirt (not too much print)
– A roll of aluminium foil and scissors.

Proud Bunny 

Great beginners class! This proud bunny can stay both outdoors or indoors. It is approximately 45 cm tall.

Apr 24 2019  (Wed)  9:30 am – approx. 2 pm
Want another date? Please send an email request info@orangewireart.ca
Price $ 65.00 gst incl.

What to bring: 
– A roll of aluminium foil.




Small Birds

Any kind of small  bird can be made in this class, standing, flying, sitting…
Due to moving this class will take place at Willow creek Vineyard in Chilliwack

Apr 24 2019 (Wed)  9:30 am – approx. 2-3 pm depends on project
May 24 2019 (Fri)    9:30 am –  approx. 4-5 pm depends on project

• Bring a (half)  roll of aluminium foil.

$ 125.00 for 2 Flying Birds or
$ 110.00 for 2 Long Legged Birds or
$ 110.00 for 3 post sitting (no legs) birds







Big Birds

Choose your favourite Big Bird; it is an intense day and you are standing most of the day, but suitable for beginners. If you are having difficulties standing for longer periods on end than this might be not the right class for you.
Any kind of bird can be made:  Heron, Xl Birds or a smaller bird Fantasy Bird.
For more information and prices click here

Apr  27 2019 (Sat) 9:30 am to approx. 4-5 pm depends on project (combined ‘Team Work’)
May 24 2019 (Fri)  9:30 am to approx. 4-5 pm depends on project

Price XL Birds(2): $ 190.00. XL Bird (1) $ 95.00 Price Heron: $ 190.00 . Price Fantasy Bird: $ 145.00

What to bring:
– Bring 2 old white cotton t-shirts (not too much print)
– A full roll of aluminium foil and scissors

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If I made it…… You can make it too

if-i-made-itThis workshop has a less seats available than my other scheduled workshops. On this day you can make a project that is not in my ‘regular’ schedule of workshops. It might be an object that you have seen in my studio, or one that you have seen on this website under ‘gallery‘. Most objects in the gallery can be made during this workshop except a few exceptions. Use the Book Now button and write down what you want to make. I will reply to you with the costs of that particular workshop.

Chilliwack from 9:30  am – ending time depends on the project
dates follow soon     
Price; that depends on the project you want to make. Fill out the “Book Now’ form, let me know the sculpture you would like to make and I will get back to you with the details. 

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