Wrappers are pieces of cloth that are stretchable. This way you can make a skeleton which is firm and smooth.

Cut 4 pieces of the same size. Use a brush to put one layer of Paverpol onto the skeleton. Wrap it as tight as possible. Put a layer of Paverpol onto the piece of Wrapper.

Should you want to place the object outside put a layer of Paverplast Paste on top of the dried object. This is a mixture of Paverpol and Paverplast powder. Wrappers can also be used to decorate Paverpol statues. Perfect to use for hats and shawls. Dip the Wrapper into the Paverpol. Squeeze it en put it onto the statue. Be careful because you can easily tear it! Even art pieces like paintings, panels, photo frames, boxes, etc. can be decorated by using Wrappers.

Comes in a box of 100 pieces.

Wrappers around torso and head.
Wrappers placed on a metal wire
Wrappers around a aluminum foil heart
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One container of 100 Wrappers.

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