Small Heron Instruction Sheet File


Have you worked with Paverpol before? Then you can make this Small Heron following the directions in this Instruction Sheet. The step-by-step instructions and photos make it easy to make one from the comfort of your home! It is emailed to you as a downloadable file. 
The Heron is approximately 60 cm tall, but you can adjust it to any size, just make the base and framework stronger.


The supplies you will need to make the Small Heron:

Paverpol (Grey) 600-800 gram
2-legged base approx. 40 cm tall. Buy a premade base ( or make one from a block of wood 15 x 15 cm and 2 dowels.
4-5 pieces of electrical wire (with a solid copper core) 12 gauge each 40 cm long
Styrofoam ball approx. 10 cm diameter ( 4 “)
1 sturdy metal rod (neck) thickness 1/8” or 3/32” approx. 80 cm/30”
100% cotton t-shirt (old) white without print

  • Acrylic paint, a roll of aluminum foil, masking tape, paint brushes, and a  few wooden skewers.
    There is also a Small Heron Kit available in the store. 


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