Tomato Cage Lady – Kit for Video Workshop


Paverpol Black or Bronze or Grey 500 grams. Please send an email with your choice of color. The default color for this kit is Paverpol Black.
12 Wrappers
XL Body frame
2 Metal rods 90 cm long 3’ (sturdy difficult to bend 1/8 thick)  
3 ‘hold down’ wire stakes for the tomato cage gratis
Note: the video tutorial needs to be bought separately and is available in the online store!

Not included
Video tutorial
Tomato cage
Styrofoam egg 7 x 5 cm 2-3/4” x 2”  or make one from foil
100% old cotton t-shirt
Masking tape
2 Skewers
plastic for table
bowl for water and a rag
Optional: Pavercolor Silver, Josefine’s satin varnish, vinyl gloves, planter pot, vine, sewing pins, plastic bag


The supplies you need to make a tomato cage sculpture for your garden! 
This kit contains supplies that are used in the online video workshop Tomato Cage Lady. In that video, the Paverpol Black version of the Tomato Cage Lady is fully explained and demonstrated for you. The Bronze version is made in a similar way. 

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