Small Heron Kit


With this kit you can make 1 small standing Heron or Fantasy Bird, which will be approximately 60 cm tall .
Included: Paverpol Grey 1000 gram, metal base with 2 legs, 1 Styrofoam ball, wires to make the body, instruction sheet (PDF will be emailed)

NOT included:
Acrylic paint for dry-brushing (available in the online store), 100% (old) cotton t-shirt, roll aluminium foil, masking tape, paint brush, few wooden skewers.
You can protect the paint from fading by varnishing the bird with Josefine’s Satin varnish (available in the online store).

The amount of Paverpol used for this project depends on the thickness of the t-shirt that you are using; 500 to 600 to grams of Paverpol.
It is advised to read the description of what Paverpol is; just click on any of the Paverpol containers that are for sale in the online store.

The metal based used for this heron is available in the online store “Metal Base 49 cm”.
If you wish to replace the Paverpol Grey with another color (Bronze or Black), please send us a separate email.


Supplies to make a small Heron/Fantasy Bird 60 cm tall.

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