Reindeer Kit White


With this kit, you can make  this cute Reindeer, which will be approximately 60 cm tall and can go outdoors if you want! Easy to make! 

Paverpol Transparent 500 gram
Paverplast 100 grams
Paversand White
1 Pavercolor White
1 Metal base
1 Styrofoam egg
Wires to make the body and antlers
2 Skewers
2 Stir sticks
1 Brush
Photo- instruction sheet (PDF will be emailed and is included in this Kit)
NOT included:
A  roll of aluminum foil, masking tape pliers, few empty yogurt containers, a small brush, an old knife or spatula, a plastic table cloth, old spoon.

Bonus to the already very detailed Instruction sheet that is included with this Kit are links to multiple How-To videos on the reindeer.

If you want to make the reindeer in Bronze, Black or Grey click here for the Kit.

If you want to make more than 1 Reindeer, then pls send an email to  and we’ll assemble a kit for you which works out cheaper than multiple numbers of kits. 


Supplies AND photo- instruction document to make this abstract Reindeer in the color White. It is 60 cm tall.
Bonus: included are links to multiple How-To videos on the reindeer.

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