Bird Kit


With this kit you can make at least 4 birds (or more).
Included: Paverpol Grey 500 gram, Paverplast 100 gram, 4 Styrofoam balls, sand, 4 connector caps, 16 wires to make the wings, brush and the book Sculpting with Liquid Polymer (has the instructions for the flying birds).

NOT included:
long sturdy rods to stick in your garden (bird on top), can be bought at hardware stores, paint and a few minor supplies, plastic table cloth, gloves, etc.

You can use acrylic paint or order the Paint Kit for Flying Birds.
Instruction sheet PDF, will be emailed to you.
The birds measure approx. 22 cm long with a wingspan of 30 cm (9″ and wingspan almost 1 ft).

The kit includes 4 styrofoam balls instead of the 3 displayed in the photo.
056Z_002 small


Supplies to make 4 (flying) birds.

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