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Kit for: Simply Cute Small


Sculpture ‘Simply Cute Small’ is a project from the book ‘Sculpting with Liquid Polymer’ (pag 10). This kit includes most supplies to make TWO of these sculptures. The tutorial can be found in the book and the book is available in the online store.

Included: Paverpol Black 500 gram, 2 paper mache cones, 2 wire body-frames (small).
Not included: Aluminium foil, paints, 2 Styrofoam balls (1″), masking tape, varnish, cotton t-shirt, brush, the book Sculpting with Liquid Polymer, and other small household items.

You can protect the paint from fading by varnishing with Josefine’s Satin varnish (available in the online store).


Product Description

1 kit to make 2 sculptures from the book
Sculpting with Liquid Polymer.