Reindeer HEAD kit (to make TWO)


With this kit, you can make TWO of these funky Reindeer Heads measuring 40 x 40 cm! Fun to make, one for you and one for your friend! Hang it on the wall or your front door…
The default color is Paverpol Transparent and you make it ‘your own’ by using patterned cotton fabric that YOU like. 

Paverpol Transparent 1000 grams
2 Paper Mache cones
2 sets of wires for the antlers
Skewers and stir sticks.
Photo- instruction sheet (PDF will be emailed and is included in this Kit

NOT included:
A  roll of aluminum foil, masking tape pliers, few empty yogurt containers, old knife or spatula, plastic table cloth, spoon, brush (might not be needed)

If you have all the supplies and only want the instruction sheet, click here
If you want to make more than 2 Reindeer Heads then pls send an email to  and we’ll assemble a kit for you which works out cheaper than multiple numbers of kits. 
The reindeer below is made with paper napkins instead of fabric, in the tutorial will be a short explanation on How-To.


Supplies AND photo- instruction tutorial to make TWO of these Reindeer Heads with Paverpol Transparent.

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