Raven – Video Workshop Combi Kit


This Product includes:
1. The Video Workshop Raven 
2. The Video Raven Kit

The video file is shared using google drive.


This product is a combination of two items: The Raven Video and the Raven Kit.
For more information on the video click here. 
Please note that this combi (video and kit) is sold within British Columbia only. 

The Raven Kit: 
Paverpol Black 500 grams
Paverplast 100 grams
2 rods metal each 23 cm long (1/8 thick)
Styrofoam shape of the bird
craft brush approx. 3 cm -1” wide
2 skewers

List of all supplies needed to make the Raven (not included in kit):
– see content Kit above PLUS
– cardboard (not needed when you have the kit)
– 100% old dark-colored cotton towel (black, grey, dark blue)
– A base, drill holes that for the 1/8 metal rods/legs
– Foil
– Masking tape
– Scissors
– Base for the Raven. The video Raven sits on driftwood of  approx. 30 H x 20 W cm (12”x8”), but a block of wood of 15 x 15 x 20h cm 6”x6”x8” would look great too! Anything that YOU like. But use something that you need to drill holes into.
– Plastic for table and to cover your base
– Bowl for water and a rag
– Apron
– 2  Recycled plastic containers
– (Magic) marker
– Optional: vinyl gloves (thin), spoon,
– Optional: beads
– Optional temporary base, use Styrofoam or wood or wrap you ‘real’ base in plastic.

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