Beginners Project – Combi Kit (2 sculptures)


A great beginners project for you! Together with this Kit to make two sculptures, you get the Video Workshop for FREE! (In British Columbia only**)
Product includes:
1. The main supplies to make two of the sculptures. 
2. The Video “Beginners Project ” 46 minutes FREE

The video file is shared using google drive.


This product is a combination of two items: The Kit with supplies and the Video workshop.
Please note that this combi (video and kit) is sold within British Columbia only. ** Orange Wire Art is the Paverpol distributor for BC only. Then you can buy just the Video Workshop and order the supplies in your Province or Country (distributors list). The supply list comes with the video.  

The Kit: 
Paverpol Grey 1000 grams
pack of Stockinette
2 wire skeletons
2 rods metal each 42 cm long (1/8 thick)
2 styrofoam eggs
2 brushes (1 wide 1 small)
2 wooden bases
Gold and Silver paint
2 skewers
Video Workshop (46 min long)

List of all supplies needed but not included in Kit:
100% old cotton t-shirt (used to wrap around the figure)
Roll of Foil
Masking tape
Bowl for water and a rag
Scissors, apron, measuring tape, few sewing pins.
Optional: vinyl gloves (thin)
Optional: few pieces of a plastic grocery bag to temporarily stuff the skirt
Optional: hairdryer (or let dry by air)
Optional: Josefine’s Satin Varnish

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